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Aluminum and Extrusion Casting


Electro-Tech Machining manufactures Graphite (Carbon) Canisters 3-15" Diameter up to 72"long. The canisters are wrapped in 22 or 16 gage galvanized steel to protect the carbon from chipping and breakage. Any hole configuration or handling tooling can be accommodated. Delivery is usually aluminum and extrusion casting7 - 10 working days depending on the quantity ordered.


Electro-Tech Machining manufactures large or small quantities of runout plates for extrusion cooling tables. Plates are given a fine saw cut or smooth ground finish. Any configuration can be readily accommodated. Again, delivery is usually within 1 week, depending on the quantity ordered.


Electro-Tech Machining manufactures casting rings for all casting processes. Rings are made to precise tolerances and in large or small quantities. Rings can be made from several premium quality graphites, depending on the requirements of the individual casting process.


Electro-Tech Machining manufactures all the graphite components in aluminum mixing and degassing systems. Parts are made of oxidation resistant graphite or non-treated graphite, if desired.

ETM is sensitive to the proprietary nature of aluminum extrusion, casting and handling. All drawings and disclosures will be held in strict confidentiality.

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