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Products and Services

Precision Machined Graphite Products for:

High temperatures environments up to 3,000°C were thermal stability and strength are necessary.

  • Corrosive environments where chemical inertness is necessary

  • Electrical or thermal applications were electrical conductivity in necessary

  • Applications where thermal shock is an issue

  • Environments where self lubrication is beneficial

  • Environments where ultra pure is desirable

Graphite Materials

Electro-Tech Machining routinely inventories more than 40 different types of graphite materials to meet the unique requirements of each application. Materials are available is block or rods, or custom machined.

Carbon Insulation Materials

Carbon insulation is available in blocks or custom machined.

Composite Materials

Composite materials are available in blocks and rods and custom machined.

Design Assistance

Please call or email our office before you finalize your design. We can assist you in ways to reduce your costs.

Electro-Tech Machining