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Graphite Products - Steam Turbine Seal Rings

Electro-Tech Machining has been supplying carbon/graphite turbine seal rings to most of the operating oil refineries, steel mills, and chemical companies throughout the country for over 55 years. As you deal directly with ETM, keep in mind that your are buying from a company manufacturing only carbon graphite products and specializing in compressor and turbine rings.

Throughout the years, our customers have benefited by improved machining techniques and by our large production of these items. We maintain a large stock of turbine seal rings at out facility that covers almost all types now in use in these industries.


  • Bearings, Bushings, and Thrust Washers
  • Mechanical Seal Replacement Parts
  • Rotary Steam Seals

Mechanical Carbon/Graphite is used in applications where its chemical inertness, self-lubrication, high strength to weight ratio, and thermal stability provide advantages over other bearing materials. These characteristics can be enhanced with chemical or metal impregnation.

Electro-Tech Machining

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