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Long Beach, California 90813

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Mission Statement

Electro Tech Machining is one of the leading graphite machine shops in the United States offering our customers the highest grade of graphite, carbon, and composite materials. It is with great pride that we provide superb sales assistance, competitive pricing, quality customer service and precise engineering design technology.

Exceeding our customer's expectations will always be our primary goal. For over 65 years, Electro Tech Machining has been a major supplier in the Aerospace, Metallurgical, Petrochemical, Automotive, Diamond Hot Pressing and Defense industries. Recently, we've expanded our business operations to meet global demands. Mexico, Central American, Canada, Western Europe and Southeast Asia are just a few regions in which we are able to extend our services by providing graphite material according to our buyer's design specifications. Electro Tech Machining is committed to our personal mission of a supreme level of service to all customers in today's global marketplace.

Electro Tech Machining will continue to forge ahead in this industry by reinvesting in our employees through training programs, upgrading our machinery and equipment, and continually searching for efficiencies to better our product. Our promise is to meet all customer requests with respect, professionalism, and integrity.

Electro-Tech Machining

This mission is essential to our growth, productivity, and development as one of the leading graphite machining companies in the nation. 


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