Electro-Tech Machining
2000 W. Gaylord Street
Long Beach, California 90813

Tel: (562) 436-9281
Fax: (562) 437-5421

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Electro-Tech Machining is certified  EN/JISQ/AS9100:2009 
Here is a copy of our certificate.

Quality Graphite Machining requires:

  • Careful plans & specifications backed by accurate cost analysis
  • Top-grade graphite & carbon with purity in excess of 99%
  • Highly-qualified technicians with years of machining experience
  • Precision equipment designed to handle all types of jobs
  • Perfected methods developed only through years of experience
  • Rigid quality control throughout each step of the operation
  • Prompt handling with careful attention to details as well as shipping schedules and deadlines


Electro-Tech Machining

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